Shooting Cannon

My next exercise is a shooting cannon. The goal is to practice Anticipation and Squash and Stretch.

You can download the cannon rig here, and the lighting/rendering setup here. You can download the final animated scene here.

Using the rig:

Making of tutorial:

Balance Pose

One more posing exercise. The theme of this one is "balance".

Strength Pose

Practicing poses. The goal of this one is to convey "strength". Also to make a pretty render =)

You can download the final scene here. (you will also need a lumen rig and a barbell asset).

Here is the render setup that you can use in your own projects.

Also you can check out this post where I have collected the references I have used for inspiration.

Jump Animation

In this exercise, my goal is to animate a simple jump over the gap:




Making of:

Animation Poses Reference

First year Animation Mentor students do an exercise of putting a simple character rig into poses that express various emotions. This is a collection of some great examples for reference and inspiration.


Animation Exercises

This is a collection of ideas for animation exercises, from learning the fundamentals of animation to advanced acting scenes.

Fundamentals of animation


Basic body mechanics

Advanced body mechanics

Basic acting:

Advanced acting:

3D Character Topology

This is a collection of references for modeling good 3D character topology.

This is my tutorial demonstrating a simple way to model correct topology:

Face topology references

3D Face Topology 3d-face-topology


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